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ProjectNext communications agency and White Gardens business center announce an open international competition for architecture, structural-engineering, and design firms with the aim of finding the best concept for White Gardens Arcade.
Arcade is a public space between the two blocks of the White Gardens business center, which is located in the well-known White District business district. The glass-roofed space of the Arcade contains restaurants, cafes, and bars. During the warm months of the year visitors may sit out on open verandahs and listen to concerts. Arcade has a floor area of more than 800 square meters and is intended as a place where both people working at the business center and the general public may come to relax.

The INTER SPACE: WHITE GARDENS ARCADE competition is for architecture, structural engineering, and design firms and firms specializing in urban design and territorial development, as well as for individual architects and designers with a degree in architecture or design and with experience of working on real projects. Participants in the competition are asked to generate ideas and proposals for organizing the Arcade space and for helping people find their way to Arcade, with the aim of creating a new comfortable environment which people will find it interesting to visit. The competition winner will have the chance to sign a contract for realization of the project. Winners of the second and third places will receive monetary prizes. The best ideas submitted will be realized during the course of a multi-stage investment project aimed at creating a popular and attractive urban environment. Realization of the first stage of the project is scheduled for completion by the beginning of the summer season of 2016.

Elena Malinovskaya, Leasing Director at Millhouse property-management company and member of the jury for the Inter Space: White Gardens Arcade competition: "We hope to turn Arcade into a new attraction on the map of the capital. Our aim is to create an active, modern, and comfortable urban space not just for people working at the business center, but also for all citizens of Moscow. Development and improvement of urban areas is one of the most interesting fields of activity today. We are confident that in this area initiatives on any scale are important, and it is possible to change a city for the better only by uniting efforts made by everyone – the authorities, developers, architects, and citizens themselves".
Prize fund

  • 1-st place: conclusion of a contract for the preparation of working documents and conducting field supervision, and/or cash consideration in the amount of 200,000 rubles
  • 2-nd place: a monetary award of 150,000 rubles
  • 3-rd place: a monetary award of 100,000 rubles
Jury for the INTER SPACE: WHITE GARDENS ARCADE competition:

  • Elena Malinovskaya, Leasing Director, Millhouse 
  • Yevgenia Murinets, head of the Board of the Architecture Council at Moscow’s Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning 
  • Yaroslav Kovalchuk, head of the architecture and planning workshop at NPO-38 ‘Historical zones’, NIiPI Genplana Moskvy
  • Szymon Wojciechowski, architect, owner and General Director, APA Wojciechowski
  • Darren Comber, architect, General Director, Scott Brownrigg
  • Andrey Sinyavin, head of the Consultations Department, Sawatzky Property Management
  • Oleg Shapiro, member of the Board of Trustees, Strelka Institute for Architecture, Media, and Design, partner in Wowhaus (architects)
  • Yuly Borisov, architect, founder and General Director, UNK project (architects)
  • Sergey Estrin, architect, founder, architecture workshop of Sergey Estrin
  • Boris Levyant, architect, founder, ABD architects
  • Boris Voskoboynikov, architect, founder, VOX architects
  • Anatoly Belov, Editor-in-chief, Project Russia
  • Alexander Zmeul, Editor in Chief of the online magazine archspeech.com, Director of The Changes agency.
Dates of competition

  • 27.10.2015 — Start of the competition; participants may submit their entries
  • 07.02.2016 — Deadline for submission of projects by participants
  • 08 - 15.02.2016 — Jury voting, finalists' determination and completion of the first stage of the competition
  • 16.02.2016 — Start of the second stage of the competition
  • 22.02 - 01.03.2016 — Jury voting, selection of the winner. Completion of the second stage of the competition
Dates can be changed by the Organizer at the Competition Regulations 
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October 2015 - June 2016

deadline for submission of draft - 7 February 2016 







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