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Your questions can be sent by mail: interspace.contest@yandex.ru

Q: Can I arrange the area for performances (street musicians, public lectures, presentations and so on) in the Arcade? The existence of such courts, on the one hand, increase the attendance of the area and make it interesting, but on the other hand,  such space can reduce security, because there will be much public on such events so the level of noise will raise.

A: Yes, it would be desirable to provide such a platform or few ones.

Q: Is it possible to integrate new shopping facilities in the Arcade space (in the middle of the gallery)?

A: Not sure. It is necessary to see a specific proposal.

Q: Is there any legal restrictions on the size of the patio of the cafe? Is the size of the patio written in tenants' contracts? Can they be reduced? 

A: The size of the summer verandas are available at the discretion of the Lessor, but there is no fixed size. They can be reduced. This year, summer verandas were opened from May to September.

Q: Is it possible to place some storage room quite near the Arcade space? It must be some room for additional equipment (chairs, benches, tables, stands, stage equipment)?

A: You can't place it quite near the Arcade. Perhaps back rooms of underground parking can be used. In this case, the furniture must be sizes suitable for transfer and storage in the premises. Also, we would like to suggest Arcade design in the offseason.

Q: Organizers want to make Arcade space accessible to all population groups, including the so called not so wealthy? So you must create at least one restaurant with cheap range, but it can reduce the attractiveness of restaurants located in the gallery.

A: Placing a cheap range restaurant is impossible. All areas of the first floor are leased. Placing a mobile cafe is technically impossible.

Q: In Rules it is said that participants should have "experience in implementing similar projects" (paragraph 3.1.2. Rules of the contest). If the participant has no such realized projects, can he present his project to the competition? If so, will organizers take this into account in the evaluation of projects: whether projects of "experienced" members will have priority over the projects of "inexperienced" ones? Due to the specificity of the object - an open gallery in the business-center - there are not too much authors with such projects completed. 

A: All projects are submitted to the jury without attribution. So there is no any priority for "advanced" participants. But the experience of working on specific projects is important because the winner must have enough knowledge to implement the project in the Arcade. It is not required work experience with the same objects, but only with similar ones.

Q: In the competition brief it is said: "Make it more convenient the entrance from the 3-d Forest passage". Now this entrance has a narrow ramp. Is it possible to change the configuration of the ramp at this point?

A: Yes, it is possible to change the configuration of the ramp, but the entrance from the Forest passage must remain accessible to the physically challenged citizens.

Q: In the competition brief it is said: "Conceptual solutions should include a preliminary calculation of loads on lighting and power outlets if they are offered for installation". How severe is this condition (not all architects have experience of electrical calculation)?

A: No, this condition is not strict. If you do not have experience of electrical calculation, it can not be produced.
Q.: From which side are the entrance to the Arcade shot in these photos?
A.: In these photos, the entrance to the Arcade is shot from the 3rd Forest Lane, just this side of the entrance is equipped with a ramp.
Q.: Would it be possible to dismantle the bench shown on this picture?
A.: Yes, you can.


October 2015 - June 2016

deadline for submission of draft - 7 February 2016 







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