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INTER SPACE: WHITE GARDENS ARCADE finalists are announced
The competition short-list for the best project of transformation Arcade, the public space between two buildings of the White Gardens business center, includes nineteen architectural bureaus:
DMITRI DESIGN, UK, Mirror white garden 
Anton Barklianski architectural company, Russia, W gallery
Workshop architectural bureau, Russia, Gold city
ARCHCON architectural bureau, Russia, Lane Park
ZOLOTOgroup / Architectural bureau HORA, Russia, navigation project for White Gardens Arcade
MT Electro architectural bureau, Russia, Virtual Garden
XYZ Architects / Open Design, Russia, Red Tube
CLIC architectural group, Russia, Kaleidoscope
IAW RUS, Italy / Germany, Starry Vault
Metoplazm architectural bureau, Russia, Media Sport
Manipulazione Internazionale, Russia, Green Hills
Vostsibproject architectural bureau, Russia, Ripple
XAB architectural bureau, Russia, Seasons Layers
Davin.Tanasa & Associates, Indonesia, The Platform
Gamma architects / Momentum, Russia, Arcade mirage
TANDEM workshop, Russia, INTER-MEDIA
Arch Group architectural bureau, Russia, Transformarium
Craftshop, Russia, Digital Garden
Architect Anton Litovskiy, Russia, Forest cinema
In the near future organizers will contact authors of projects to provide additional information about the presentation.
Presentation of finalists included in the competition short-list will take place on February, 25
Foreign participants can deny to come personal to the presentation. They can just make and send a video with project’s presentation. 
Place of presentation: White Gardens business center, st. Lesnaya, 9, Building B, 2nd floor. 
Starting at  10.00 am. 
The winners will be announced at the beginning of March, 2016. 

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